How to host callers to the Sunday morning service and Wednesday evening testimony meeting

Edited 9/22/23 by Kim Hancock

You will need:

  • Smartphone
  • The Zoom app on your smartphone
  • The logins for the Church’s Zoom account: :: BigBl3ssings
  • Zoom Meeting information for our church: 1-929-205-6099, Meeting ID: 258 863 243, Password/Passcode: 368447

Note: There is no console operator and no video feed unless Kim and/or Craig are present, since those are somewhat advanced requiring expertise and additional equipment like a laptop and an iPad or a 2nd smartphone. A video feed of the service is only offered on those Wednesdays when Kim or Craig is present to use a secondary device for the video feed. Otherwise, as we do on Sundays, no video feed (or secondary device) is needed or offered. Those calling in will just hear the service…which is FINE!

WEDNESDAY: Include in your announcements that the callers, in order to give a testimony, must press *6 (‘STAR SIX’) in order to be unmuted. And remind them that in order to REmute themselves afterwards, for them to press *6 again. If you begin to hear rustling, then someone forgot to REmute – remind the recent testifier to click *6 again. 🙂

From church:

  • Launch the Zoom app on your smartphone.
  • Click Sign In. Sign in using the credentials above: :: BigBl3ssings
  • In the Zoom app, after you sign in, Zoom will present a list of meetings (Board Meetings, etc.), but find the ‘Wednesday Evening Meeting’ and click START (even if it’s Sunday!)
  • Zoom will ask you to join audio – click WIFI or Cellular Data
  • Once you can see the church picture, you’re in! Find the icons at the bottom and scroll to the far right and find the ellipsis (…) and click on that
  • See a menu come up and click on Security
  • Turn Waiting room to off by turning the GREEN button to GRAY
  • ON SUNDAY turn all the lower GREEN buttons (under ‘Allow All Participants to’) to GRAY to disallow callers to interrupt the service. On Wednesday, you can leave them all green.
  • Click DONE at the top.
  • You’re back at the picture of the church. Go again to the icons on the bottom all the way to the right and click on the ellipsis.
  • Click on Enable Original Sound to turn it ON
  • Click on Meeting Settings. A white screen opens up.
  • Click on Meeting Topic and change to ‘Sunday morning’ and add the hymns in the title. On Wednesday, just add the hymns to the end.
  • Click Done
  • Turn off Play Join and Leave Sound by turning the GREEN button to GRAY
  • Place your smartphone at the top of the podium along the wood railing pointing between you and the soloist (who should be standing right in front of the podium)
  • YOU’RE DONE! It’s always good to test your settings by having another person call in and confirm they can hear you.
  • At the end of the service, just pick up the smartphone and click the red END button