This is for the lighting project at the church. Both interior and exterior solutions are being considered. If you want to see ideas added, please email me/Kim ( and I’ll add them!

For the interior, we want to have the building well-lit on Wednesdays, but also during the week – to show the building is active and welcoming and warm.

Plan: provide light timers (see recommendation at the bottom) for the following areas. These are each important as they are easily spotted from the road/driveway. These should come on 1/2 hour before sunset and turn of year round at 11PM. It’s also desirable to have the carport lit every Wednesday from 1/2 hour before dusk until 10PM.

Cost Estimate:

  • ~$30 for Honeywell 7-Day Home Programmable Timer Switch (see link at bottom) * 8 = ~$250
  • ~$$$ for electrician to install and configure for us. <-- NEED TO GET QUOTES

LOCATIONS FOR TIMERS:8 – Reader’s hallway (RH), auditorium (A), main foyer (F), carport, and RR (RR).

  1. Bathroom RH1
  2. First Reader’s Room RH2
  3. Second Reader’s Room – ALREADY HAS ONE
  4. Flower Room RH3
  5. Stained glass window flood A1
  6. Foyer hallway from front door only F1
  7. RR light RR1
  8. Clerk’s office RR2
  9. Carport C1

Possible light timers for the interior.

For the exterior, the plan is to install landscape lighting which plugs into the church’s power (not solar-powered). The goal is to light the front-facing exterior of the building to give a warm, welcoming, and attractive appearance. Install lights everywhere there’s a red dot (approximately 10) along the front curved wall, around the corner toward the double-doors, around the corner to the RR window. These lights should be placed in such a way to flood warm light up the exterior of the building.

The timers should be set for 1/2 before dusk until 11PM.