Thanksgiving Service

Event details

  • Thursday | November 26, 2015
  • 10:30 am
  • 578 Whitehead Road, Athens, GA

Thanksgiving! This special time of year is here again!

For those of us from the United States, Thanksgiving is a part of our national identity. How grateful we are that Mary Baker Eddy (the discoverer and founder of Christian Science) took the idea of Thanksgiving beyond national boundaries, and through the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson and church services invited people all around the world to join together in a special service dedicated to simply giving gratitude to God.

This year’s Thanksgiving Bible Lesson is a heartfelt celebration and affirmation of God’s everpresent goodness. You, your family, friends, and neighbors are warmly invited to join with us, and thousands around the globe, gathering in their local churches and homes to hear the same Thanksgiving service which will be read at 10:30am on Thanksgiving morning.

In deep gratitude for God’s many blessings this year, the members of this church are taking up a collection for the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. Anyone wishing to donote are encouraged to bring in canned goods. A list of their most needed items can be found on our website, – just check out Our Events Calendar and click on the event titled, “Collection for the Food Bank of NE Georgia.

These items can be placed in the bin in the foyer. There’s also a place for checks, which you can make payable to the Food Bank of NE Georgia. The bin will be there through the Christmas holiday, but will be collected and brought to them twice this season.