Church of Healers – Follow-up Meeting

Event details

  • Sunday | February 8, 2015
  • 11:45 am

As a group, we agreed on the following:

  • Pray daily and defend ourselves from animal magnetism and all suggestions that would try to keep us from healing ourselves and others;
  • Pray daily and defend our church from animal magnetism and address any mesmeric beliefs about our church, such as;
    • Small Sunday School,
    • Small attendance on Sundays,
    • Small in-person attendance on Wednesdays,
    • Non-stellar and protracted record of healing in our personal lives.
  • Consent to being a Christian Science healer who is willing to take calls from our community;
  • Heal;
  • Focus thought for the next month around Mrs. Eddy’s quote: “Forget self in laboring for mankind; then will you woo the weary wanderer to your door, win the pilgrim and stranger to your church, and find access to the heart of humanity.” – MW 155:7;
  • Healing!;
  • Consider resurrecting the UGA CS Org;
  • Ask each Sunday School student if they’d be comfortable inviting a friend to SS;
  • Heal, heal, heal!
  • Get back together and discuss fruitage and next steps:
    • Sunday, February 8th following the Sunday service for ½ hour discussion.