Annual Business Meeting

Event details

  • Sunday | November 22, 2015
  • 11:45 am

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Annual Election and Business  Meeting.  It will be held on Sunday, November 22nd.

We would like to have a pot-luck luncheon at this meeting. Please bring any dish you would like to pass. Drinks will be provided.

Between the Sunday service and the meeting, we will pause to allow members and friends to take appropriate time for quiet contemplation of the church service immediately following in the auditorium before convening in the Sunday School.  The business meeting will begin around noon, or as soon as everyone is seated and ready.  This meeting is open to members and friends, but only members will be voting.

As usual, committee reports are expected from the committee chairmen. Please be prepared to email a copy of each report to the clerk either after the meeting or before.

We will be emailing the Treasurer’s report to each member before the meeting.  Please note that hardcopies of Russ’s report will not be provided during this meeting, so if you’d like to follow along with Russ’s report, please print out and bring your own copy.

Minutes from the last Business Meeting in August will be coming separately.  Please review them prior to the upcoming meeting. They won’t be read at that meeting.  Please let the clerk or me know if you have any changes, questions, or additions.

We will be holding an election for the following positions:

*       First Reader (1-3 year term)
*       Second Reader (1-3 year term)
*       Board member (3 year term – Kitty’s position)