How to host callers to your Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting and Record readings

Below is what we use, and how we use it…


  • Jambox or Braven unit as the speaker
  • Church cellphone with Bluetooth
  • Bring your own laptop
  • A console operator who sits in-person at the Wednesday meeting with the above laptop, cellphone and speaker
  • . Note: this can be done from home, but the timing between the recorded music which all the callers and the console operator are listening to, versus Judy playing live at church, can be problematic. As long as the Reader is listening for her cues from the console operator, it should go well.

  • A account


The day before the service, send Kim an email with the hymns, and she’ll upload them.

From church:

  • At 7:15 pm get the church phone from the Reading Room and turn it on.
  • Get the speaker box in the SS and unplug it from the charging cable. Turn it on using the little round button.
  • Pair the two. If the speaker box can’t find the cellphone, then go to the phone’s settngs (page 2 of Settings) and click on Bluetooth.
  • Once the two are paired, dial into the conference by dialing: (641) 715-3580. When it prompts you, enter 380330#.
    • If the console operator at the PC is in the room with you, once the system asks if you’re the HOST, confirm by pressing *, then 1885.
    • If the console operator is NOT in the room with you, you’re done. You should be dialing in as everyone else is for the meeting.
    • From your browser (any will do), go to and login with these credentials:, pwd: the1Mind
    • Set up your browser so you have two tabs going to that same URL. Set them up side by side so you can see both.
    • On the left side, click Go to the Wall (in the bottom section) and then click on Broadcaster tab along the bottom.
    • On the right side, click go to the Wall, and then click on Web Controls
    • On the left side, click to play Walk With Thee (9 minute prelude – replay it as-needed if it ends before the meeting starts). This is the music callers hear until the meeting starts.
    • On the right side, under Audio Controls, click Q&A until it turns green. You should also see the HOST dialed in and listed in the Attendee List – that’s the phone being used in the SS. Mute it by clicking the icon under mute so the callers don’t hear y’all chatting.
    • Each time Judy is about to begin playing, mute the Host phone, and hit PLAY for the hymn. Once the hymn is done, unmute the phone using the icon. The Reader will hear, “Unmuted” and that’s her cue that her mic is hot.
    • During the testimonies, if a caller wants to comment, you will see a little ‘chat buttle’ icon show up next to their name/number. Verbally, let folks in the SS know that, ‘We have a caller’ – and at the same time click that icon. It will turn into a little ‘person’ icon letting you know that their mic is ON. That tells the caller to ‘go ahead’. When the caller is done, click the icon again to re-mute their phone.
    • At the end of the service, hit the big “X” next to every name to ensure they properly disconnected from the service.